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    Due to a range of environmental and societal developments, companies are under an increasing pressure to adjust current business practices and to transition into a new economy.


    Natural resources become scarcer while biodiversity is decreasing at an unprecedented pace. Greenhouse gas emissions dramatically influence global warming and climate change.


    Tomorrow's workforce is driven by purpose. In order to attract and retain the brightest minds, companies can no longer afford to contribute to a system that destroys value rather than creating it.


    Consumers and investors increasingly expect more product transparency. As a result companies find their business model squeezed between conflicting interests.

  • Impact Management

    Maxmundo offers Impact Management through Inspirational Lectures and Project Development.

    Max Wohlgemuth Kitslaar offers inspirational lectures at your office

    Ride along during an inspirational lecture

    Max Wohlgemuth Kitslaar rode a 40-year old Moto Guzzi motorcycle from Chile to NY, to visit 32 inspiring social entrepreneurs along the way, and to write a book about this journey afterwards.


    To share the valuable lessons he learned while on the road, Max offers customized and energizing lectures at your office. Let your team or your customers ride along and learn how to:


    * set clear goals.

    * deal with adversities.

    * make choices.

    * combine profit and meaningfulness.

    Reach out for a customized experience that fits your ideas and goals.
    Maxmundo offers project development of prototypes into an MVP

    Develop your project: from concept, to prototype, to MVP

    Being the founder of multiple ventures, Max Wohlgemuth Kitslaar is at his best when developing a new project from scratch.


    Typically Max follows these steps in order to launch a project onto the market:


    * define the issue at stake.

    * sketch the outline of a solution.

    * turn the concept into a prototype.

    * test technological feasibility and commercial viability.

    * develop the prototype into a Minimum Viable Product.


    Reach out if your company is looking for in-house assistance to develop a project.


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  • Focus areas

    Maxmundo focuses on the following topics in industries that are in dire need to drastically increase ESG performance, such as Fashion and Chemicals:


    Recycling of materials

    Recycling of materials such as cotton, polyester, and other plastics. Our goal: to jointly tackle the challenges that come alongside, like the lack of infrastructure, the quality of the fiber itself, and the development of business models that create value rather than stimulate a race to the bottom.


    Sustainability claims

    The over-abundance of certification schemes that make claims about the sustainability of a product causes the average individual to be completely lost in translation. We explore alternative approaches to calculate impact.

  • About Max Wohlgemuth Kitslaar

    Results-driven, strong analytical and social skills, extensive network

    After playing a key role within a successful technology company Max decided to leave the business, having recognized in his work the absence of a greater sense of meaning.


    Transported on a classic motorcycle he visited 32 entrepreneurs between Chile and NY who combine profitability with a social mission. Back in Amsterdam he wrote this book about his journey.


    Inspired by the passion of these entrepreneurs Max uses business to mitigate the pressing challenges the planet is currently facing.


    Max obtained degrees in Criminal Law and Latin American Studies. He is the founder of multiple social ventures and responsible for modelling an annual toy drive for St. Nicholas for tens of thousands of underprivileged children.

    Proud to work with a network of partners


    IT funding consultancy

    IT funding consultancy specialized in smart and efficient financing of innovation through subsidies, tax credits and other forms of financing.

    Bi4 Group

    IT engineering consultancy

    IT engineering consultancy specialized in innovation and flexible data-driven solutions. Proprietary technology allows for fast deployment.

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